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ilustracion illustration

This illustration was just accepted to a wonderful blog called They Draw & Cook,  it has two of my favorite things: illustration and food. This recipe is a re-interpretation of pasta puttanesca, but easier, where boiling the water is the hardest part. Visit, enjoy and contribute, it has great works in very different styles and tasty recipes. Hmm I´m hungry now.

Esta ilustración fue aceptada para un blog maravillos que se llama They Draw & Cook, tiene dos de mis cosas favoritas: ilustraciones y comida. Esta receta es una reinterpretacion de una pasta puttanesca, pero mucho mas facil, donde hervir el agua es lo mas dificil. Visitenlo, disfrutenlo y contribuyan, tiene trabajos buenisimos en diferentes estilos y recetas muy sabrosas. Hmm me dio hambre.

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8 thoughts on “… Illustrated Recipe …

  1. Wow, this looks wonderful! I’ve seen so many incredible artists contribute to this project, and yours is a great addition. Plus, it looks really easy to make as well as yummy. Bonus!

  2. really nice — not just the pasta puttanesca (yum), but I love the food-and-cooking-instructions style! You should do more of ‘em — maybe pitch the style to a cookbook publisher?

    Rock on!

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, this has made me doubly hungry – for the food and the scrummy illustration! I too love both things, although illustration has slightly less health implications if I over indulge!

  4. I’m back to tell you your blog has given me so much fun for the looking, I’ve granted you the Zombie Chicken Award — congrats! More details on today blog posting, but you really deserve it!

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