Illustration Friday . Rescue

Illustration Friday, ilustracion illustration

This is Guadalupe A.K.A: Guada, Lupe, Lupi, Loopy Loop, Guada-Loopy-Loop. She is my housemate´s kitty, Lupi was rescued from an office building parking lot, where she lived under cars. She was really skinny and malnourished. After a month with us she was a happy kittie, but… something was wrong, we took her to the vet and longer story short, the vet rescue her from dying. Two months go by and… THIS sunday, she got spooked by a big male cat and  climbed up a tree, she couldn´t get down, we called the fire department and they rescued her, after 3 hours! she´s at the vet right now and will get some stitches in the palate. 
This week´s topic was… exhausting.

Esta es Guadalupe también conocida como: Guada, Lupe, Lupi, Loopy Loop, Guada-Loopy-Loop. Es la gatica de una de mis compañeras de casa, Lupi fue rescatada de un parqueadero de oficinas, donde vivía debajo de carros. Estaba muy flaca y desnutrida. Después de un mes con nosotras era una gatita feliz, pero… algo andaba mal, la llevamos al veterinario y para no volver esta historia mas larga, el veterniario la salvo de una muerte segura. Dos meses despues… ESTE domingo, un gato macho la espantó y se subió a un árbol, no se podía bajar, llamamos a los bomberos y la rescataron, después de 3 horas! en este momento está en el veterinario, donde le van a poner puntos en el paladar.
El tema de esta semana fue… agotador.

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16 thoughts on “Illustration Friday . Rescue

  1. This is great, what an eventful life little Loopy had so far.
    I absolutely love the textures you used, may I asked how you achieved them?

  2. I love this, the touch of pink with the other colours and textures just works so well. I really enjoyed your story too – she sounds like a lovely but naughty kitty!

  3. aaaa hermosa!:) yo aprendi a querer los gatos porq mi novio tiene una…cada cierto tiempo se pone traviesa como lupe y sale corriendo del apartamento..tenemos que buscaaaaaarla por todo el edificio :O igual la queremos jaja

  4. You’re freakin amazing!!!!!!!! I LOVE your work! ALL OF IT! I’ such a huge fan… you’re really very talented!!!

    keep on posting!!!

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